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A photo of our CVT Allison and her cat Whiskey

Allison has been with the Grace Veterinary Center family since April 18th 2022 and passed her boards 2023. Being raised on a farm, she was always around animals, to the big: horses, cows, and sheep to the small: chicken, cats, and dogs. The TVs shows that she would watch growing up really inspired her to work with animals (the Crocodile Hunter, Kratt Brothers).

What she loves about this field is knowing that she can help people’s pets feel better gives her peace of mind. One of the hardest parts of this field is seeing the neglected animals knowing someone has done this breaks her heart.

Her favorite quote is “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”- Bob Ross.

Her hobbies include spending time with her family, friends, yoga, painting, and reading. She has 3 cats: Wednesday female 7 yrs black DSH, Friday female 3 yrs gray/white Tabby, and Whiskey female 3 yrs brown/black Bengal. They all have green eyes, but very different personalities. She loves watching them chase each other, also jumping all over the furniture, and using the laser pointer. Her favorite is when they all cuddle around her making it hard for her to move.

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