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Wellness Exams

Learn more about what goes on during your pets annual wellness exam with our doctors. During this portion of your visit the doctor will perform a complete nose to tail exam.


During this portion of the exam the doctor may use a otoscope to look not only at the surface of the eye but to look inside the eye at all the different parts to make sure your pets vision is good.


A clean and healthy mouth is more important than you know. Getting a good look at your pets teeth will help determine if a dental cleaning is needed. Click here to learn more Dental care including tips on how to brush your pets teeth.

Range of Motion

The doctor will carefully move/manipulate each of your pets limbs to make sure they are moving well. This helps to check for arthritis or injuries.


Here the doctor will not only look at the outer parts of the ear but they will use an otoscope to look inside your pets ear as well to make sure the canal is clean and healthy. Click here to learn how to clean your pets ears.


The doctor will use their stethoscope to listen to your pets heart to make sure they have a normal heart beat and their lungs to make sure they are clear. It is important to make sure there are no hear murmurs that need further work-up.


During this part of the exam the doctor will palpate your pets belly, feeling for any abnormalities or painful areas. This can be a difficult part of the exam if your pet is tense in their belly due to nerves. 

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